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Shopping Center Management & Management Consultancy

Shopping mall management and consultancy ensures that the business operates effectively and optimizes commercial strategies. This includes a wide range of issues such as tenant selection, advertising and marketing activities, operational efficiency, security measures, cleaning arrangements and event planning.

By understanding the variables of the industry, they use a variety of best practices to make shopping centers competitive and profitable.

What are the Advantages of Shopping Mall Management Consultancy?

Dynamic Strategy Planning

We understand industry dynamics and apply various best practices.

Competitive Advantage

Our main goal for our clients' businesses is competitiveness and high profitability.


We prepare detailed plans to ensure the sustainable success of your shopping center.



Shopping Center

We act as a bridge between shopping center owners and tenants. We contact potential tenants and provide consultancy services on lease agreements and legal regulations.

Street & Commercial Areas

We conduct detailed research on the market places where commercial enterprises can reach their customers. We provide consultancy services in commercial space leasing and negotiations.

We negotiate lease agreements and attract diverse tenants to increase occupancy. We contribute to the mall’s commercial strategies and ensure long-term success. Leasing and tenant representation is critical to balancing the commercial objectives of the mall and representing tenants effectively.

What are the Advantages of Rental Consultancy?

Regulatory Management

We communicate with potential tenants and negotiate lease agreements.

Commercial Success Orientation

We contribute to the commercial strategies of the shopping center with the right rental management specific to your business.

Occupancy Rates

We optimize your occupancy rates by analyzing the available rented space and total rentable space.


Marketing and Corporate Communications

We provide competitive advantage by creating strategic marketing plans in line with your business goals.

By creating a strong and effective brand identity, we increase the value of your brand and differentiate you from your competitors.

We create and manage effective communication strategies to increase the reputation and visibility of your business.

Why Should You Get Marketing and Corporate Communications Consultancy?

Advertising and Campaign Management

We attract your potential customers and increase sales with effective advertising and campaign strategies.

Brand Management

By creating a brand identity, we increase the value of your brand and make you stand out in the sector.

Crisis Communication

We protect your reputation with effective communication strategies in crisis situations and help you emerge from the crisis stronger.


Event Management

Events are a critical tool for businesses to engage with customers, increase brand awareness and build loyalty. With the right strategy and meticulous planning, events are a powerful opportunity to attract potential customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers and increase brand equity.

Why is Event Management Important?

Creative and Effective Solutions

Every event is unique and we offer creative and effective solutions to emphasize this uniqueness.

Technology and Innovation

By following the latest technological innovations, we manage your events more efficiently and effectively, making the experience even more special.

Result Oriented Approach

The most important thing for us is that our customers get the most out of their events.


Feasibility Report

The successful operation of a shopping center and its ability to generate sustainable income is based on a detailed feasibility study conducted in advance.

What are the Advantages of a Feasibility Study?

Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis identifies the target audience, competitive situation, market size and demand trends.

Traffic Analysis

By analyzing factors such as current traffic flow and visitor profiles, it determines the most suitable location.

Competition Analysis

It is important for identifying the store's competitive advantages and developing differentiation strategies.

Business Development

Business Development

Business development enables a shopping center not only to attract existing businesses but also to create new opportunities.

Shopping centers must constantly focus on business development to cope with ever-changing consumer demands and the competitive business environment.

Why is Business Development Important?

Tenant Portfolio Management

We develop strategies to attract new tenants and retain existing tenants.

Brand Partnerships

We plan collaborations with businesses from different sectors within the shopping center and provide consultancy in business development processes.


We support brand awareness by actively participating in social responsibility projects against society and the environment.

Shopping center establishment stages include concept development, site selection, design, construction, tenant selection and operation preparations. We provide the necessary consultancy services and connections in all processes.

Mall management includes functions such as tenant relationship management, security, cleaning, organization of events, budgeting and maintenance. AKA Consultancy is at your service for consultancy of all management processes.

AVM advertising planning includes target audience analysis, advertising budget estimation, planning of events and promotions, media buying and management processes.

Shopping malls can face many challenges such as increasing competition, changing retail trends and economic fluctuations. The most common problems are:

  • Low occupancy rates and rental income
  • Decline in customer traffic
  • Increased operational costs
  • Staying behind the competition
  • Reduced marketing effectiveness

Our Mall Management Consultants help solve these problems by offering customized solutions based on your mall's specific needs and goals.

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