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AKA Consultancy offers solutions today for tomorrow’s success with a pioneering approach and creative solutions in the real estate and retail sector with the strength of its 10 years of experience. In this direction, we add value to your investments with professional management consultancy services and reset the risk with the right management!

Using our expertise to solve the complex challenges of the business world, we focus on the success of our clients at every step and are proud to be a guiding partner in strategic management consultancy.
Shopping centre establishment stages include concept development, site selection, design, construction, tenant selection and operational preparations. We provide the necessary consultancy services in all processes and provide the necessary connections.

AKA Consultancy provides the development of Shopping Malls and Commercial Areas, project management, leasing processes, shopping mall management consultancy, budgeting services and financial services all under the same roof. AKA CONSULTANCY, which started its Real Estate and Retail consultancy adventure in 2017 and changed its name in 2024, was founded by NAZMİ AKA.Nazmi AKA, who started his retail career in 2012 as the Leasing & Tenant Relations Manager at the Family Mall shopping centre operated by JLL in Erbil, Iraq, started his first project by undertaking the management of the CITY CENTRE MALL OF SLEMANI project in 2017.

AKA CONSULTANCY, which provided consultancy services to many projects throughout Iraq between 2017-2019, undertook the leasing process of the MALL OF KIRKUK project in Kirkuk city in 2020 together with İZ Development company. Between 2021-2023, it signed a partnership agreement with Mall Mart Turk Danismanlik for Iraq and managed the management and leasing processes of 6 projects throughout Iraq until 2023.

In 2024, AKA CONSULTANCY, which continues the management and leasing process of MALL OF KIRKUK Shopping Mall, continues to grow day by day without sacrificing service quality.

Our Vision

With our innovative mindset and customer-oriented approach, we drive transformation in the business world and shape the leaders of the future.

Our Mission

We adhere to the highest ethical standards and professionalism while helping our clients achieve their goals.

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What We Do?

Our Management Consultancy Services

Shopping Centre Management

Customer Relationship Management, Tenant Relationship Management, Activity Planning Management Consultancy


Domestic and International Leasing, Retail Consultancy, Brand Mix Creation

Event Management

Planning and management of events for brand awareness and sales increase


Let's Redraw Your Borders



We start with project discovery and research processes, we listen to you and your business partners. We give information about what we can do.


Strategy Development

We plan project details and management endpoints. We determine our strategy from the beginning to the end of the project.



While realising our strategies, we provide consultancy services by taking steps together in the entire management process and expand the boundaries of your brand.

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We focus on our clients' success every step of the way, using our expertise to solve the complex challenges of the business world; we are proud to be a guiding partner in strategic management consulting.

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