Kirkuk’s First Shopping Mall Rising – MALL OF KIRKUK

Mall Of Kirkuk is rising in Kirkuk, which is also very important for the Turkish community in Iraq. The most prestigious brands of the world meet under the same roof for the first time in Kirkuk. Mall Of Kirkuk, which has a distinguished brand mix, is 80 percent leased. A Turkish company has also signed the leasing works of the shopping center. Mall Of Kirkuk, whose leasing works and brand mix consultancy is carried out by MALLMARTTÜRK Consultancy and IZ Development, has a total leasable area of 30 thousand square meters.

Hawkary Group, which has been making large investments in the medical and real estate sectors for many years, continues its investments by building the first shopping mall in Kirkuk, unique as Kirkuk. Hawkary Group is realizing Mall OF Kirkuk, which will be the most exclusive, most economical and aesthetic shopping center not only in Kirkuk but also in the region, in a way to meet the needs and demands of the city in the most accurate way. Mall Of Kirkuk, which is preparing to open its doors with an architecture suitable for all kinds of needs of the region, has the distinction of being the “first” shopping center of Kirkuk.


In addition to the stores that will open stores in Mall Of Kirkuk for the first time in Iraq, brands that will open stores for the first time in Kirkuk are meeting in Mall Of Kirkuk. In addition to Carrefour with its 6 thousand square meter store, prestigious brands such as LC Waikiki, Defacto, Shopping Shop, FLO, Colin’s, Suvari, Hummel, Adidas, İpekyol, Nike, Columbia, etc. will open stores in Kirkuk for the first time.
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With its 4 thousand square meter Smileland, Mall Of Kirkuk will become the entertainment center of Kirkuk and will include many firsts that have not been included in shopping malls in Iraq before.

One of the most important cultural sites of the Turkish community in Iraq
in Kirkuk.
a new shopping mall is rising.
Mall OF Kirkuk, which is being realized with the investment of Hawkary Group, is preparing to open its doors in mid-October 2021.

Kaynak: MALLREPORT Dergisi, 2021 Nisan Ayı Sayısı

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