“We Will Provide Unique And Special Experiences With Ashur Mall”

Mallmartturk Iraq Partner Nazmi Aka explained the Ashur Mall project that they will realize in Mosul, Iraq. Stating that the project will connect the past to the future and emphasizing that it is an exciting life concept, Aka stated that 80-90 percent of Turkish brands will take place in Ashur Mall.

In an interview with Nazmi Aka, Mallmartturk Iraq Partner, about the Ashur Mall project they will realize in Mosul, Iraq, Aka emphasized that the project will connect the past to the future and emphasized that it is an exciting life concept.

What is the current status of the Ashur Mall project in Mosul, Iraq, which you have undertaken the leasing, consultancy and management of as Mallmartturk, and on what date will it open its doors to its visitors?
Our Ashur Mall project consists of 15 thousand square meters of construction area and 10 thousand square meters of GLA in a forest and holiday village by the Tigris, where Mosul breathes. Our project consists of 2 parts, one part consisting of 50 stores spread over one floor and the other part consisting of 15 stores spread over two floors. The construction process of the project is 88 percent complete. Although 85 percent of the exterior area, 90 percent of the interior area and 100 percent of the electrical and mechanical works have been completed. We aim to open our project as a ‘soft opening’ on April 23, 2023. During the holiday periods, the Iraqi people’s demand for the holiday village next to the shopping mall will be of great benefit and Ashur Mall will be the common denominator of the Iraqi people.

What did you prioritize when creating the brand mix at Ashur Mall, and what will be the ratio of Turkish brands in this mall?
In our project, we primarily aimed to create a mix that can appeal to all layers of society. We are preparing a brand mix consisting of concepts such as ready-to-wear clothing, sportswear, shoes and bags, beauty, accessories, home and souvenirs, toys, entertainment and culture, services and supermarkets. In line with the Iraqi people’s demand for Turkish brands, there will be 70-80 percent Turkish brands with international brands.

Finally, what would you like to add?
Ashur Mall will be a first in Mosul with its architecture and targeted tenant profile. Instead of a strategy that appeals only to its immediate surroundings, it will offer personalized and unique experiences in terms of both commercial and socialization with its role as a power center. The project will provide employment for approximately 300 people.

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Nazmi AKA

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