It’s Time for Our Brands To Go Global

Mallmartturk continues to grow rapidly with its domestic and international projects. In 2023, it announced that it will expand its market network by focusing on North African countries, Montenegro, Sudan and Turkic Republics. We had the chance to interview Nazmi Aka, Mallmartturk Iraq Partner, in our January issue.

As Mallmartturk, can you tell us about the support you provide to local brands to grow in the global market, what kind of a road map do you draw for the brands?
First of all, we determine the retail potential of the country and city we have just entered through a detailed field study. Then, we compile archives and contact persons on many basic issues such as the import regime, banking system, company establishment conditions, work and residence permits, human resources and transportation. This archive serves as a guide especially for our new brands entering the country. We provide full consultancy services to our brands that decide to take part in our international projects.

What was the retailing rate of Turkish brands abroad in 2022? What strategy should local brands that want to take part in the global market develop in their retailing processes?
After the pandemic, a door of opportunity was opened for Turkish ready-made clothing retailers who wanted to expand abroad, especially with the decrease in rental costs in many countries. The pandemic period has turned into an important opportunity for Turkish brands. We can say that it is the right time for our brands to open up to the world. In addition, we are in constant coordination with the foreign departments established by our brands regarding the countries in which we operate.

What were the projects Mallmartturk implemented abroad in 2022? With what mission will you continue to carry out projects abroad in 2023?
We have 6 active projects across Iraq. We aim to increase this number to at least 10 projects for 2023. Our main mission is to see ourselves as both a Turkish and Iraqi company in Iraq and for our investors to see this in us as well. We will expand our field of activity in Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Georgia, where we have been serving for a long time. We will have projects in 2023 in the North African countries, Montenegro, Sudan and the Turkic Republics, where we focus on developing new markets.

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Nazmi AKA

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